Inclusion Program

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Inclusion Program

Inclusion Program addresses challenges and opportunities of diversity and empowers them with success strategies. Inclusion program focuses on imparting an attitude of inclusion and strategies to be more inclusive to retain and engage better talent from all the four generations including millennials.

The Differentiators

Diversity sensitivity & intelligence

Stakeholder perspective

Appreciating Difference

Bringing leaders on Board

Team Inclusion

Forward Momentum

Embedding Competitive differentiators

Integrating inclusion and measured growth

Five Step Process

Why Attend?

Most coaching and leadership inclusion program focus on just making aware of biases, but we emphasize, first, on a process of continuous reflection and hand-to-hand feedback as the step to be a professional. Second, people do not readily give up their prior assumptions and opinions. Long lasting behavior modulation occurs when a leader undergoes improvement in a specified behavior and a team of which helps in assessing gauging their growth.

Assessments Tools

  • 360 Degree Assessment
  • Planning and blind spots
  • After Action Reviews
  • Checklist for Follow-ups
  • Feedback surveys

Results for Leaders

  • High Performance and Growth
  • Team work and collaboration
  • Representation of diversity at all levels
  • Employee commitment
  • Inclusion become priority
  • Positive and long-term relationships